And it was a Gift from God Himself...
This little piece of wood, about two inches in diameter and shaped like a dome, was once carved by Jesus Christ. Yes, the carpenter himself, aside from making tables and chairs, crafted these little spiritual keepsakes for people. But why? What did this little piece of wood with such a simple but interesting design mean? The story is Jesus was teaching someone one day about the concepts between one’s inner and outer qualities. The difference between pure Love and Fear, the Ego and one’s True Self. An important lesson to say the least. The man He was teaching, picked up a stick and drew this design in the sand. Jesus from there adopted this pattern to help explain His word. He made many and gave them to people as gifts to remind them of what separates us from the Source in which we’re derived from. And of course the most important, How to find our way back. Allow this Life Piece, to guide you. Regardless of who or what you believe in, know Love is all you need ! The design isn’t complex but extremely rich in meaning. The big dot in the middle represents GOD. There are 14 outer points and 14 inner sections as well as an outer ring. Throughout history, the number 14 has held significant meaning as there is a 14 point star marking the place where Christ was believed to have been born. On the design, the outer points represent your outer qualities. Qualities that come from your Ego and are Fear based. The lines that run from GOD to the outer points represent how Fear and Ego pull us away from GOD which is pure Love. The outer circle represents the Ring of Fear where all of those outer qualities thrive. The inner sections represent your inner qualities. These qualities come from GOD. They live in your True Self and are the way back to GOD when we find ourselves lost. A mini Life roadmap if you will. To remind you, It’s pretty simple but not always easy. Keep it with you wherever you go. Hold it, look at it and remember what it represents and Who made it. May it bring you many Blessings!


The Life Piece
is featured in a new book by Connie Fox.

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